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Emory United Methodist Church
Ellicott City, Maryland
Baptism Records 1859 - 1961
   Records of Emory Church have been deposited at the Howard County Historical Society (HCHS) for safe keeping. The church gave permission to the Howard County Genealogical Society (HCGS) to transcribe the records. Anybody can search the baptism records by specifying a surname, or a part of a surname. The names of the child will be returned, along with the year of baptism. HCGS members (once logged in) can click on the eyeball icon to see additional details about the record, including the full dates of birth and baptism and names of the parents.
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Records: 1 to 50 of 1975

Baptism Year Child Surname   Child Forename
1914 Dorothy Eliza
1885 Mable Elizabeth
1958 A(v)ee Patrick Edward
1944 Adams Bonnie Lou
1944 Adams Mrs. Evelyn Della
1944 Adams Ronald Luther
1946 Adams Vicki Lynn
1875 Akehurst Alford C
1875 Akehurst Lillie G
1954 Albright James Alan
1926 Alcorn Charles Edward
1919 Alcorn Frances Madeline
1926 Alcorn Jean Lewis
1926 Alcorn William James
1922 Alcorn Wm Earle
1910 Allen Alfred Thomas
1948 Allen Charlotte Ann
1959 Allen Deborah Lynn
1947 Allen Frankie Marie
1948 Allen Ronald Alfred
1874 Amint Margaret A
1947 Amoss Barry Wayne
1926 Amoss Evelyn Lorraine
1957 Anderson Cynthia Gail
1959 Anderson Helen Juanita
1960 Anderson Paul Dewey Jr.
1923 Anderson Woodrow Lee
1919 Andrews Kenneth Stanley
1878 Apelbo Harry
1878 Apelbo Robert
1876 Applebie Charles Howard
1876 Applebie Elizabeth Dora
1876 Applebie Maggie May
1867 Armstrong Joseph Morgan
1927 Arnold Frances Naomi
1932 Arnold Thurman Edward
1931 Arnott William Howard Jr.
1944 Ash Bruce Delano
1947 Atkins Rebecca Jane
1952 Atkins Richard Paul
1889 Atkinson Emma May
1912 Atkinson Leslie Harrison
1912 Atkinson William Young
1895 Atwell Josie Lucinda
1920 August Genevieve Eliz
1950 Babylon Barbara May
1957 Backus David Allan
1952 Baer Albert Franklin
1929 Baer Albert Lawrence
1945 Baer James Henry
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