Howard County (Maryland) Genealogical Society
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Genealogical Society
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Duties and Responsibilities of Standing Committees

3.1  Education

  1. Provide talks to schools and other organizations as requested
  2. Coordinate seminars or workshops for the public
  3. Manage other activities aimed at educating the public about genealogical research
  4. Provide help to HCGS members at general membership meetings as needed
  5. Coordinate queries to the HCGS received by Postal Service mail and email

3.2  Library

  1. Maintain liaison with Howard County Historical Society to identify Genealogical Society interests
  2. Inform HCGS members about Howard County Historical Society holdings
  3. Distribute HCGS contributions (checks, books) to Howard County Historical Society, and Maryland State Archives, as approved in the HCGS budget
  4. Inform HCGS members about services for genealogists provided by other libraries in our area
  5. Facilitate volunteer help for Howard County Historical Society projects

3.3  Membership

  1. Welcome members and visitors at HCGS monthly general meetings
  2. Prepare member name tags and make available to members at general meetings
  3. Provide HCGS information to prospective members
  4. Receive membership applications and dues from new members
  5. Provide new members with New Member Folders and membership cards
  6. Record and File membership information
  7. Send membership renewal notices to members
  8. Collect membership dues and forward dues to HCGS Treasurer
  9. Send Feedback Survey to those who do not renew membership
  10. Maintain always current membership tally
  11. Publish membership list annually
  12. Keep newsletter editor informed of new member names and addresses

3.4  Newsletter

  1. Acquire announcements for activities calendar of HCGS and other organizations
  2. Collect candidate articles from HCGS members and other sources for the newsletter
  3. Type, edit and layout monthly newsletter
  4. Arrange for printing and occasional handouts
  5. Maintain HCGS mailing list. Print mailing labels
  6. Fold, seal, label, and stamp newsletters, enclose membership renewal information, and mail
  7. E-mail HCGS schedule to Howard County GenWeb website

3.5  Program

1.   Plan programs for HCGS monthly general meetings
2.   Plan programs for HCGS special activities such as trips, workshops or seminars
3.   Schedule program speakers
4.   Provide program information to Vice President (for publicity announcements)
5.   Provide program information to Newsletter chair (for newsletter publication)
6.   Serve as host to program speakers at HCGS monthly general meetings
7.   Introduce program speakers and present recognition certificates

3.6  Publications

  1. Store all publications for sale
  2. Maintain inventory of publications for sale
  3. Fill orders for HCGS publications (mail and email orders)
  4. Maintain publication sales records
  5. Provide sales report and forward monies to HGS Treasurer
  6. Follow-up on billed orders; issue subsequent billings as necessary
  7. Maintain state sales permit and tax I.D. number
  8. Prepare annual inventory and sales report

3.7  Records Preservation

  1. Coordinate the efforts of the HCGS to organize and preserve records of genealogical value, with emphasis on Howard County records
  2. Prepare and edit records for publication
  3. Arrange for printing and reprinting of records publications and production in other media as appropriate